About Us

 Habitat is one of the oldest and most established residential real estate agencies in Jerusalem; succeeding by constantly adapting to new market developments and innovations.

Our brand is built on discretion and good old fashioned comprehensive, low-key customer service coupled with an in depth and up-to-date knowledge of three specific niches:


Luxury Properties:


We represent some the highest-end properties available in Jerusalem – many of which are discrete listings that you won’t even see on our website.

If you are looking for something particularly special that you don’t see here….then please contact us for more suggestions.




In every project that Habitat has represented, buyers have seen finished values of their properties significantly higher than their purchase prices.

Buying ‘on paper’ requires a greater level of sophistication, that brings with it opportunities for buyers to choose their own choose layout and finishes, as well as easier payment terms.

We do not represent just any project. We only work with strong developers who have a proven track record and a reputation for professionalism.


Group Deals:


“Purchasing Groups” & “Purchaser Groups” …two hot new trends. Their names may sound similar, but they actually each mean something quite different.


Purchasing Groups (“Kvutzot Rechishah”)

This term applies to a specific structure whereby buyers jointly purchase land and build together.

In recent years the sophistication of these types of transactions have developed tremendously, enabling buyers to benefit from what would have otherwise been developers’ profits while protecting themselves against most of the developers’ risks.


Purchaser Groups (“Kvutzot Rochshim”)

Habitat has established a strong reputation in representing buyers who group together in order to purchase apartments in bulk, so as to benefit from discounted prices

In addition to this term applying to ‘on paper’ transactions with developers, as well as to finished apartments in new buildings; savvy buyers have also more recently begun joining together to purchase multiple apartments in older buildings, or even entire old buildings, with the goal of greatly increasing the value of their investment when these buildings are upgraded according to new urban renewal plans.


In addition to the clear price advantages, buyers in group deals can also gain confidence when purchasing together with friends and family; often finding that they are able to improve the terms of their negotiations by pooling their thoughts and experience.